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We have extensive experience in developing investigative and research solutions to monitor and investigate social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike most social media solutions that seek to do the same, we are able to develop bespoke analytical solutions for our clients.

Indicator led methodology:

QI works in close collaboration with our clients to understand their information requirements, and set up the relevant collection strategies, analytical modelling and assessment metrics.

Data acquisition:

We have a range of tested methodologies and tools to scrape relevant material from social media platforms. Because of the sheer volume of information published on social media on a daily basis, it is imperative to devise sound collection strategies that separate noise from actionable intelligence.

Data transformation, standardisation and analytics:

To leverage social media data we have developed dozen of processes to clean, enhanced and augment data including:

  • Hyperlink extraction
  • Language detection
  • Advanced keyword extraction
  • User profiling

Development of advanced analytics dashboards

Once we have run the data through our tailored data processing, we produce interactive analytics dashboards to help clients navigate and make sense of the information at hand.

twitter dashboard
QI Twitter user interaction dashboard

Developed solutions for intelligence monitoring:

  • Monitoring civil unrest in Burundi
  • Monitoring air traffic movement at Yemeni airports
  • Monitoring far-right activism
  • Monitoring Jihadist and radical Islamists activism
  • User profiling based on their activity
Facebook dashboard
QI Facebook User investigation dashboard


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