Quant Intelligence has developed a vast array of analytical expertise to support both operational excellence and to develop data-driven analytics tools and solutions for intelligence professionals.

Operational Excellence

We help our clients to leverage new operational insights by connecting and mining their data. From performance management to sales and marketing, our solutions allow clients to better understand their operations and make informed decisions.

The solutions we produce can be as simple as an interactive control dashboard to help a sales manager better understand the interaction profile of a company’s clients, or more advanced solutions that integrate all types of inputs (production, marketing and, sales data) and help managers and decision makers navigate the complexity of their operation beyond top-level KPIs.

Data-driven analysis and modelling

We have extensive experience developing new forms of analysis and modelling to tackle unique analytical problems.

In particular, we specialise in leveraging new analytical insights from legacy data sets. All too often, databases are set with a certain amount of requirements in mind. But, new requirements inevitably emerge, and often they don’t fit the existing data structure. This is where QI can help clients re-format or re-structure their existing data to help tackle new requirements.

In addition to helping clients make the most of their data or augment it with new information, we have extensive experience working with many different forms of analysis, from network analytics, GIS modeling, to indicator-led scenario monitoring.

Working closely with the clients, we devise analytical solutions that are both cutting edge and tested through our rigorous methodology.