We have extensive experience in developing investigative and research solutions to monitor and investigate social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike most of the out-of-the-boxes solutions out there, we developed bespoke analytical solutions for our clients. To find out more click here.

At QI, we have developed a vast array of analytical expertise to help clients resolve their data management and analytical challenges. From geospatial analysis to data-driven scenario tracking, we have developed a wide range of skills and techniques to support virtually all form of analysis. To find out more click here.

Quant Intelligence has a proven track record of developing highly tailored and flexible solutions to support both operational excellence and to develop data-driven analytics tools and solutions for intelligence professionals. Our ability to deconstruct information requirements to granular levels enables us to develop powerful solutions. To find out more click here.

A passion for developing analytical and data-driven solutions runs throughout Quant Intelligence, and we can help other organisations develop the same ethos. We offer training on open-source intelligence (OSINT) and social media intelligence (SOCMINT) collection data curation, transformation, enhancement and geographic information system (GIS). To find out more click here.