Quant Intelligence has expertise and skills covering the whole intelligence cycle

Data acquisition

Expertise in setting up OSINT and SOCMINT search and research strategies and queries

  • Understand client information requirement
  • Identify source of information and how to get the data
  • Develop and implement collection protocol

Experience in OSINT and SOCMINT information management and assessment

  • Assessing data quality
  • Develop methodologies to deal with missing or incomplete data and communicate those to client

Data transformation and enhancement

Assessing client requirements and develop appropriate data transformation, blending, curating and structuration strategy and methodology.

Expertise in augmenting and structuring non or semi-structured data

Ability to transform and blend data to support any type of analysis

Analytical modelling

Understanding clients and analysts analytical needs.

Breaking down the problem at hand and create an analytical model in conjunction with expert analysts.

Develop tools to run the model using whatever tool is needed (GIS analysis, machine learning, imagery analysis, statistical modelling…)

Expertise in developing analytical models, including automated indicator identification and tracking, and the development of an election prediction model.

Process automation

Quant Intelligence can help clients identify operational bottlenecks and develop strategies and processes to tackle them.

We have expertise in developing automated processes to free up as much as possible time for analysis team.

Data Visualisation and complete solutions

We are able to develop highly-specialised information dashboards to improve efficiency and leverage new analytical insights.

We have extensive experience in delivering fully integrated solutions spanning the whole project cycle (data acquisition, management, interactions (analysts UI) and output and reporting production.